Thimbles and Pig sale

Thimbles and Pig are having a totally random secret sale... every now and then you come across an item marked $25L, when you do make sure you grab it! All clothes worn in this post were found (randomly) at their locations:
Pig: here, here, here and here
Thimbles: here, here and here

Shoes by HOC, $30L

I don't know how long will this sale last... last time I checked, 11am SLT it was still on, so you better be fast!

ps. You DON'T have to act as if you were colour blind like I did on the last pic... I just couldn't resist it lol!


Dress: Total Betty, $0L (get the egg)

Dress (orange and yellow): $25L each @ Thimbles (sale)

Socks: $0L from Pig @ The Starlust group
Skin: Kimberly Pale, $0L Free Speerit group gift on notices (another shade was posted here)
Edited: the hair is no longer free, you can find it at Sadistic Hacker for 150L, TY GG Sideshow for noticing it

I got the blues

Diversity has a six pack of skins out (they are there for some time I know) but if I were you I would run and grab them before they are gone!

Skins: Diversity (6 pack), $0L
Flats: 50Flat, $0L Hair: JE*Republic, $0L group gift on notices
Outfit: Honey*Soul , $0L
Hair: Cricri, $0L group gift
Outfit: Mimikri, $0L, join Mimikiri Hot news group, it's on notices

Hair: Pididdle, $0L, group gift on notices
Outfit: Honey*Soul, $1L

Hair: Stich by Stich, $0L Padrina & Padrino group gift on notices
Outfit: Baiastice, $0L (on egg)

Checked pants: UnToneQuilt, $0L
Top: Thimbles, $25L (sale)
Hair: $0L, BishWear

Dress: Thimbles, $25L (sale)
Hair: Roge, $0L (the flower changes colour)

Happy Easter!

Eggs: $1L, Diesel Works (each colour has 5 positions)

Bunny Outfit: $1L @ Royal Designs

Flats: 50Flat, $25L

Hair: MiaSnow, $0L lucky chair

In Esse

The new cool hair shop, IN ESSE has opened and has a free hair pack for us for us!
While there I met the designer isaa Gelber, and I had to tell her how cool the styles were. She joined me in a photo and we are both wearing her funky hair-dos (not free but totally worth it), with the crazy style that is her trademark ;)

Hair: IN ESSE, $0L
Tattoo: Blood+, $0L
Tail: Blood+, $0L
Pants: Blood+, $0L
Shirt: Free Speerit, $1L
Eyelashes: Darkerside, $1L
Skin: Imagen, $0L at the lucky chair


Today at Lemania is Twiggy day!! I love her, well and who doesn't? I'm portraying here Lemania's skin and dress and a twiggy inspired look, I hope you like it^^

Shirt: Thimbles, $25L (this colour)
Skirt: $0L, Midnight Mania (part of Maia outfit)
Socks: Concrete flowers, $0L
Flats: 50Flat, $25L
Glasses: $0L @ Shade Throne

Skin and Dress (includes red flats): $1L each @Lemania
Hair: KMADD, $0L Group gift on notices

Top: $10L @ Eldee
Hat: $0L @ Coco
Leggings: $25 @ Project Kiwi

Worn Out

A wasted look with that cool skin^^

Hair: Shop Seu, $0L, group gift on notices Skin: $50L @ &Bean
Shirt: Modd G., $0L (on a 'oldbies' star)
Pants and socks: $1L @ Kosh (comes as a complete outfit)
Shoes: HOC, $30L

Check my shoes out

Sneakers: Hoorenbeek, $0L, touch the big egg (amazing)
Hat: $0L @ Kurotsubaki
Skin: DCNY, $0L (comes with a bikini)
Eyelashes: $1L, [Glow] Studio
Outfit: +JILL+, $0L
Socks: Concrete flowers, $0L
Dress: $50L @ Hexed (sale)
Socks: Sock Shop, $30L
Pants: Concrete flowers, $0L
Top: Digital Pervertions, $0L


Hair: Rock Candy, $0L
Cuffs: Rentless Unknown, $1L
Bandana: LikeA, $0L
Skin: $0L @ Nikita Fride (on a blue egg)
Shirt: Fall Designs, $0L
Jacket: Fall Designs, $0L
Jeans: A.C Std, $10L
Shoes: Maschienenwerk, $0L
Eyes: Kunstkammer, $1L
Necklace: Kunstkammer, $5L


Dress: On the Catwalk, $0L on subscribo
Shoes: Royal Designs, $1L
Skin, $0L @ Nikita Fride (on a pink egg)
Hair: Romi Juliesse, $0L group gift instore